Leadership Landmines: What To Avoid To Get Others To Follow Your Lead

By: LaShanya Aikerson


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Official book launch September 2019

This book explores the specific principles behind successful leaders, and the landmines you must avoid along the way. Unlike most books on leaderships, this book makes cutting edge principle practical through exerts from interviews with executives who understand these landmines all too well, and have applied the principles in this book to realize their own success. Don't step on avoidable landmines. Learn once and for all what to avoid to get others to follow your lead. These principles are not what you learn in school - they build on the foundation taught by the most respected institutions in order to create a durable model that can stand the test of time.

This book is designed as a working guide to be purchased for every member of the organization. The practical principles are presented in an easy to follow manner to help each member of your organization align, follow your lead, and realize the goals and metrics critical to your long term success. Purchase a copy of this book for each individual, and hold them accountable avoid these landmines by following the principles in this book.