The Qualities of Good Leaders

indexWhen you think of good leaders, what leaders come to mind and what qualities do these leaders have in common?  Good leaders can be found in various areas including business, sports, or education and they are skilled at communication, connecting with others, and taking action when needed.  Good leadership is a skill that can be learned.  Here are qualities that good leaders have in common:

  1. Effective Communication Skills

    Being a good leader starts with having effective communication skills, which are necessary to connect well with people and build networks. Good leaders are approachable and can be relied upon to follow through with their commitments.  They listen fully and know that open communication is the best for accomplishing goals.

  2. Act Professionally

    Good leaders value professionalism and strive to continually improve themselves. They act professionally with colleagues as well as with clients and customers and people respect them for this.  Their meetings, phone calls, and emails are also professional and they follow through with their appointments and other commitments.

  3. Succeeding While Helping Others

    Good leaders try to create win-win situations because they want to succeed while helping others to also succeed. They do not spend time worrying or complaining about things that many not be working but focus on moving forward to create solutions that will improve their lives and the lives of others. Good leaders want to succeed with honesty, truth, love and non-violence.  These are primary components of good leadership.

  4. Confidence in Something New

    It is often said that you can’t do things the same way and expect different results. Good leaders have the confidence and courage to try new things and do things differently. They are aware that to discover solutions and new ideas, new paths need to be taken, and sometimes, this can be a necessity for helping a company get ahead or to survive.  Change can be challenging but, even under pressure or when things look hopeless, good leaders embrace the challenge of exploring new possibilities and facing the unfamiliar.

  5. Give Others Inspiration and Motivation
    Good leaders take the initiative to create positive support to help people improve. This may be in business, such as motivating an employee, or on a personal level. Leaders provide encouragement, inspiration, feedback, and constructive criticism.  They give constructive criticism to show us where we might need to improve and to teach us new things.  They give positive feedback when a job is well-done.
  6. Help Establish New Leaders
    Good leaders know that it is important to instill the next generation of leaders with great leadership skills so that organizations can continue to run well. Thus, they take the time to train the younger generation with their experience and give them guidance.

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