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August 15Fact: Organizations that don’t effectively train their leaders fail.

After decades of experience in government and corporate organizations, we see time and time again that the true measure of success rests not just with raw talent and human abilities. Instead, it requires something far more important – an ability to lead.

Leadership begins way before we ever supervise anyone. Yet, we tend to promote people based on performance – not an ability to create more leaders. You see, high performing organizations have leaders at every level. In fact, these organizations hire leaders, even at entry level positions. Talent and ability to do the job are only factored in after assessing leadership within that potential candidate.

So what is leadership. Let’s start with what it is not. It is not a “doing.” Leadership is a way of being, you know when a leader walks into the room. It is also not something you “figure out as you go.” Leadership entails clear and consistent distinctions.

So what exactly distinguishes a leader from everyone else. On Tuesday, August 15, we will define exactly what leadership is, and the four distinctions that separate leaders from everyone else. During this free teleseminar we will explain each distinction, and give you practical examples you can immediately apply. You will learn how to discern leadership in your organization, and cultivate it within yourself.

Imagine knowing precisely how to consistently generate performance that meets your goals and objectives. Deep down you have always known the answer is not about working harder. You also know you’ve had what it takes all along, you are just missing how to bring that level of consistency to the forefront.

Join us live on Tuesday, August 15, at 7 p.m. This one-hour teleseminar will empower you with specific leadership distinctions, what they look like in an organizations, and how to embody them within yourself.

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Join this one-hour Leadership Teleseminar on Tuesday, August 15, at 7 p.m. (Eastern Time).

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