Are All Managers High Performance Leaders?

How do you become a manager or supervisor? You get promoted. But does this necessarily mean you are a “Leader” to your team or organization?

The skills required to do your job well are different from the skills required to lead your team well.

So, what distinctions separate a manager from a leader?


With this said, how do you become a leader? There are Ten Principles of High Performance Leadership – principles that can all be learned. Let’s consider three foundational components from this full list of ten.

Leaders decide to be leaders. This is a way of “being” that you can feel, see, and hear. When a leader walks into the room, you know it!

Leaders own their results. Leaders measure their performance and always know where they stand with their goals and their results. When they meet or exceed results they don’t boast, they make note as to what works. When they fail to meet their results, that don’t live in blame, they learn what does not work so they can formulate a new solution.

Leaders take a stand. They establish a clear vision, mission, goals, and objectives. They see possibilities others dare not dream. Their confident determination inspires others to want to believe and follow. Their stand makes a difference in the lives of the very people who will help make their vision a reality.

So, are all managers high performing leaders? No. Can they be? Yes! Let’s start.

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